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Re: openldap libraries & filters

> However, slapd sets limits on the size of a PDU, i.e. on the size of a
> packet it's willing to accept (differentiating between anonymous and
> auth'd connections).  See if incresing the sockbuf_max_incoming (for
> anonymous) or the sockbuf_max_incoming_auth (for auth'd requests) fixes
> your issue; I'm not aware of any similar limitation at the client library
> side.

How would I go about increasing that?

> Anyway, I note that your search with > 750 ORed values in the filter is
> likely to be very little efficient; are you sure you can't help otherwise?
> p.

Well .. the database has about 140.000 entries defined as cn=xxxxx ..
I get a subset of say 6000 and need to retrieve 2 attributes for each
of the entries in that subset ... I don't see what else I could do
(apart from doing 6000 queries without a filter, but that takes

Thanks !!