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Re: openldap libraries & filters

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>> > How would I go about increasing that?
>> man slapd.conf(5)
> Ah, a serverside setting, unfortunately it isn't my own server. I will
> checkwith the relevant people.


>> > (apart from doing 6000 queries without a filter, but that takes
>> > forever)
>> -e s/without a filter/with a simple filter/ -e s/forever/~ the same
>> time/ ?
>> p.
> how would I simplify a filter that is already as easy as
> (!(cn=1234)(cn=2345)(cn=3456)) ?

I assume you mean "(|(...))"; the above is not a valid LDAP filter.

> the numbers are not structured.
> As I said earlier, I know the dn so I can do 6000 calls without any
> filter, but I find that that is slower then grouping them in an OR
> filter ... maybe internally the memory allocation or parsing the
> results takes a lot of time, not quite sure how efficient the
> internals of the openldap libraries are.

Well, I'm not saying one solution is absolutely better than another; I'm
not quite comfortable with such an "abuse" of an otherwise perfectly legal
filter...  however, if you know the DN in advance, I think N searches with
base scope are better than a signe search with N keys ORed.


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