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Re: syncrepl configuration questions

--On Monday, December 19, 2005 12:52 PM -0500 Dusty Doris <openldap@mail.doris.cc> wrote:

Just a question on syncrepl directives.

If using refreshAndPersist, is it true that you don't need to define
sizelimit and timelimit inside the synrepl section of slapd.conf?

I never have. The defaults should be quite sufficient.

Also, if you do define those, what is the proper syntax for unlimited?  I
recently turned up openldap-2.3.13 and when using none or unlimited in
those entries, it gave me an error.  It says is uses the same value
syntax as ldapsearch.  However, ldapsearch says you can use 0 or the word
none. Since none threw a warning, I now have it set to 0, is that correct?

I'm getting my info on this from the manpages.

This sounds like a bug, I suggest filing an ITS.

Also, on attrs=, if you are replicating everything should that be attrs=*
or attrs=*,+?  Does it make a difference or is the + part created by the
consumer when it actually makes the change?

You can just leave it out so it uses the default ("+,*"), which is all the normal attributes plus all the operational attributes.


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