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syncrepl configuration questions

Just a question on syncrepl directives.

If using refreshAndPersist, is it true that you don't need to define sizelimit and timelimit inside the synrepl section of slapd.conf?

Also, if you do define those, what is the proper syntax for unlimited? I recently turned up openldap-2.3.13 and when using none or unlimited in those entries, it gave me an error. It says is uses the same value syntax as ldapsearch. However, ldapsearch says you can use 0 or the word none. Since none threw a warning, I now have it set to 0, is that correct?

I'm getting my info on this from the manpages.

Also, on attrs=, if you are replicating everything should that be attrs=* or attrs=*,+? Does it make a difference or is the + part created by the consumer when it actually makes the change?