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Re: slapd doesn't notice completion of background index rebuilding

> With OL 2.3.13 and an hdb or bdb backend, I've tried changing indexes
> dynamically by LDAPModifying "cn=config" by deleting and adding attribute
> values.  A slapd thread wakes up and rebuilds the index database and then
> goes quiet again, but when I do a search that should hit the index, slapd
> doesn't acknowledge the existance of the index.
> Dec 15 10:04:41 shub.cc.utexas.edu slapd-entdir[22883]: [ID 618536
> local3.debug] do_abandon: bad msgid 0
> Dec 15 10:04:41 shub.cc.utexas.edu slapd-entdir[22883]: [ID 925615
> local3.debug] <= bdb_equality_candidates: (uid) index_param failed (18)
> then slapd grinds away through the full directory until it finds and
> returns the matching entries.
> Restarting slapd fixes the problem, but I assume there is supposed to be
> some sort of message-passing internal to slapd that isn't happening when
> the index is done rebuilding.  Waiting long periods of time or adding
> additional indexable entries doesn't change matters.
> Am I doing something wrong or has anyone else had this problem?
> Moreover, I just noticed that if I try to use an attribute 'replace' on
> olcDbIndex, the server crashes immediately!  That can't be right...

You should definitely file an ITS (or two, unless you believe the two
issues are related).  back-config cannot yet be considered stable, your
feedback will surely help getting it into a better shape.


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