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Re: OpenLdap sees the wrong realm!

As repeatedly noted in the past, you should first get
Cyrus SASL sample programs working before ever attempting
SASL authentication in programs such as ldapsearch(1) and
slapd(8).  And before you do that, you likely should make
sure programs provided in your Kerberos distribution work
as well.

I see that you have posted to the Cyrus SASL list as well,
hence this thread is now considered closed.


At 05:47 AM 12/14/2005, Amir Saad wrote:
>i use Fedora 4 , Heimdal Kerberos , OpenLdap 2.3.11 , Cyrus-SASL 2.1.20
>kerberos is configured as realm = TEST.MYDOMAIN.ORG
>when i run ldapseach -x , the result is correct but when i run ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI 
>i got the following error: (NO KDC found in the realm MYDOMAIN.ORG) although my realm is not MYDOMAIN.ORG as i said it is TEST.MYDOMAIN.ORG
>i tried to add the sasl-realm in the slapd.conf but the same problem occured!
>i don't know what is the MYDOMAIN.ORG , it is not listed in any conf file at all!
>i hope u can help!
>thanks for ur time! 
>Amir Saad
>Software Engineer