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OpenLDAP strong password enforcement

Good morning all, 

I am new to the list, and I am new to openldap. I am trying to use openldap as an user management tool to provide authentication to a distributed application. There are some here that really are pushing to use MS Active Directory, something I would like to avoid, however I need to enforce strong passwords. Is there any way to make openldap support the following password rules?

       Password Generations, 
       Restricted word list, 
       Password composition rules (Upper, lower, digits, special, etc)  
       Password change polices
       Account enabled/disabled
       Account locked out.
       Failed login limit
       Min password length
       Max password length
       Min Number char different from last

Again I am sorry if my questions have been answered 100 times before. I tried to use the FAQ-A-Matic and did not find anything, and I am under a time crunch to get answers. Can any of you help me out?

Ron Henderson