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OpenLdap sees the wrong realm!

i use Fedora 4 , Heimdal Kerberos , OpenLdap 2.3.11 , Cyrus-SASL 2.1.20

kerberos is configured as realm = TEST.MYDOMAIN.ORG

when i run ldapseach -x , the result is correct but when i run ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI 
i got the following error: (NO KDC found in the realm MYDOMAIN.ORG) although my realm is not MYDOMAIN.ORG as i said it is TEST.MYDOMAIN.ORG

i tried to add the sasl-realm in the slapd.conf but the same problem occured!
i don't know what is the MYDOMAIN.ORG , it is not listed in any conf file at all!
i hope u can help!
thanks for ur time! 
Amir Saad
Software Engineer