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Re: Some syncrepl questions

--On Monday, December 05, 2005 9:13 AM +0100 Andreas Grabner <a.grabner@bfi-burgenland.at> wrote:


> Plain syncrepl uses more network bandwidth than slurpd. Delta syncrepl
> may be a better choice here.

And you need 2.3.13 for delta-syncrepl.

Sorry i'm a little confused right now! I can not find some Documentation. Does ist work stable?

BTW bdb +patch or 4.3 or 4.4? Some say yes some say no ;-)

4.2.52 + patches has been the recommended version for a long time. It has been extremely stable for me in my production servers, and I still see disturbing error reports about 4.3 on the Sleepycat newsgroup.

4.4 was just released last month, and already I saw an error reported about cursors, which OpenLDAP uses with back-bdb and back-hdb, so I would be very careful about using 4.4 at this time.

One thing to think about is release maturity. BDB 4.2 has had 52 releases, and even then some supplemental patches. 4.3 is on its 29th version, and 4.4 is on its 16th version, with that being its first public version.


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