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RE: LDAP proxy with features

> The only configuration file I ended up changing was slapd.conf. After I
> changed "map attribute" to read "rwm-map attribute" I was able to run
> slaptest with no errors

but does it work?   I don't think slapd-ldap(5) recognizes "map" any
longer.  mapping support has been moved to slapo-rwm(5) in OpenLDAP 2.3.

> whether I was pointing at a backend server via
> ldap or ldaps.

mapping and ldaps should be orthogonal.  ldaps used by a client requires
appropriate client configuration of TLS, but I don't think slaptest(8) is
going to complain if this configuration is missing or not appropriate.  I
suggest you check if and how slapd refuses to start and increase log level
in order to determine the reason of failure.


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