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Re: How to add additional attributes

ldapmodify(1), as detailed in the manual page, accepts
input in LDIF format describing directory updates
(including add, delete, modify, and rename of entries).
Some examples can be found in the test directory.


At 07:29 AM 12/4/2005, sadique@vanillanetworks.com wrote:
>I did migrate user databases using scritps from
>/usr/share/openldap/migration. But I found after setting up ldap server 
>that ldap userdatase does not set up expire date and shadow minvalue in
>the database. Now I want to add these two attributes - ShadowMin and
>shadowExpire - for all users. Do I need to remove all users and recreate
>them manuall using ldapmodify command and inputting all details again?
>Can this two entries be added for all users using ldapmodify command? I
>am not sure, can someone give me an  example?