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Re: Slurpd causes kernel panic due to huge replog file?

matthew sporleder wrote:

I've run replog files for a pretty long time and never seen slurpd
grow very much in memory usage while it processed it. Your kernel
panic is obviously a linux problem and it seems odd that a 2.6 kernel
would be running on a filesystem with a 2gb limit.

Ok. I suppose you are right. It sounds a bit odd to me too. However, splitting my replog file in smaller slices and slurping them didn't result the behaviour I was describing in my previous email. That's why I wanted to know if anyone else has seen similar behaviour on their systems.

However, it should
be pretty easy to just engineer a fake replog file to see if you can
reproduce the problem while tracing/debugging slurpd.

I think I could try this. On a different system though, since I can't risk my master and slave servers with this kind of experiments.


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