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Re: Problem binding two naming contexts

On Wed Nov 23 2005 at 11:49:33 CET, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> In your very case:
> <slapd.conf>
> database	bdb
> suffix		"o=RSC"
> database	meta
> suffix		"dc=virtual"
> # ... uri #0
> uri		"ldap://localhost/ou=People,dc=virtual";
> suffixmassage	"ou=People,dc=virtual" "ou=People,dc=retail"
> # ... uri #1
> uri		"ldap://localhost/dc=virtual";
> suffixmassage	"dc=virtual" "o=RSC"
> </slapd.conf>

Thank you! That worked. I notice that binds on
uid=xx,ou=rsc,dc=virtual always work (i.e. they don't seem to be
checked on the target server); is that correct and/or can it
be changed?

Furthermore, upon searching for sn=mens for example, only the 
results from the first URI are returned. Can that be changed
to include all results of all uri?

> As I said in my previous posting, you may still use gluing for a totally
> different setup this way:
> <slapd.conf>
> # global overlay: goes before any database
> overlay			rwm
> rwm-suffixmassage	"ou=People,o=RSC" "ou=People,dc=retail"
> # first database: proxy for people; gets rewritten
> database		ldap
> suffix			"ou=People,o=RSC"
> subordinate
> uri			"ldap://localhost";
> # main database: does not get rewritten
> # because rwm-suffixmassage rule does not match
> database		bdb
> suffix			"o=RSC"
> </slapd.conf>

This doesn't work for me. I see on the target server, that the
original naming context is searched for (in the example above
the target server is getting "ou=People,o=RSC").