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Re: ADD from MIIS causes slapd crashes

We found a quite simple solutions. Since your hints and our suspicions seemd to match that there is something wrong with the database, we copied the DB from the slave OLDAP server to the master. The only thing missing are the ADD entries that caused problems, since those never made it to the slurpd. Anything else, including recently changed passwords, is in sync.

We can now plan updating our OLDAP system without rushing things and maybe getting more errors with that.

Thanks all for your advises.


Michael Ströder schrieb:
Oliver Kuka wrote:

Is there a way to convert from ldbm to bdb?

Export to LDIF with slapcat. Reimport from LDIF into database with slapadd.

Anything one has to look out while updating from old versions like our
to the new ones?

Be prepared to fix your data due to stricter (means more correct) schema
checking of recent OpenLDAP versions. As said before: Switching off
schema checking is really asking for trouble!

Problem still is, that the affected location needs a fix to coninue
working, so if anyone has an idea, please share :) .

Noone can give you a hint without knowing your installation. You have to
work that out yourself or hire somebody.

Ciao, Michael.

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