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Re: ADD from MIIS causes slapd crashes

(Ah, I'm approved  :)  .)

There's a little update to the story.

It's not a problem coming from the MIIS, for if I manually ldapadd an entry, it causes the same problems.

But the problem only occurs on entrys going to "ou=users,dc=loc,dc=example,dc=net" of that location. If I place an entry directly into "dc=loc,dc=example,dc=net", it works wthout problems, as well if I do it on any other location.

So, what's so special about this ou? Nothing has been changed there recently.

On anther side, it occurs that all entrys going into that ou didn't make it into the OLDAP since yesterday morning, but without any error or something. And since this morning, the slap crashes as described.

Any chance the problem might be a bug in the database? Using ldbm, yet at every startup the slapd logs:
<snip file=messages>
Nov 10 14:59:40 oldapsrv1 slapd[30456]: unable to open Berkeley db /etc/sasldb: No such file or directory
Nov 10 14:59:40 oldapsrv1 slapd[30456]: unable to open Berkeley db /etc/sasldb: No such file or directory
Nov 10 14:59:40 oldapsrv1 slapd[30456]: bdb_open: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.0.14: (October 16, 2002)
Nov 10 14:59:40 oldapsrv1 slapd[30456]: /etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 16: schema checking disabled! your mileage may vary!
Nov 10 14:59:40 oldapsrv1 slapd[30457]: slapd starting
But it's been always like this and it worked so far.

I know it would help to include the openldap version, but I have no idea how to find that one out ;) . We bought the system and didn't receive any documentation or support on it. The man slapd says 2.1.4, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

Hope you can help me.


Oliver Kuka schrieb:

we're having a strange problem here and I hope you can help us. First, let me explain out network.

We are six universitys that share a common IT infrastructure, including an OLDAP service. Every university manages their own users in theis AD. A MIIS is running around every ten minutes to grab the changes and put them into the common OLDAP server. This has works without problems for months. Till today. Every time there is an ADD (see messages below) the slapd crashes.

<snip file=messages edit=anonymize>
Nov 10 11:15:27 oldapsrv1 slapd[29651]: conn=3386 op=3 ADD dn="cn=Doe John,ou=users,dc=loc,dc=example,dc=net"

And here's the strange part. The slapd only crashes, if the ADD is from a specific location (dc=loc), two others that did ADDs as wel toay, don't cause the slapd to crash.

The only change that we are aware of since yesterday is that there's been an update on the MIIS server. But ifthe problem would be there, how comes it doesn't crash with requests from all locations?

The only thing the MIIS server reports on those ADDs is "Add error on line 3: Server Down0 entries modified successfully.An error has occurred in the program"

Does anyone have an idea about this? We ran out of them...

We will run a few tests, like adding an user to that location manually, but that's all.

Thanks in advance.


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