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Re: ADD from MIIS causes slapd crashes

Michael Ströder schrieb:
Still you didn't answer which version of OpenLDAP you're using...

As I wrote in that mail, I don't know how to find out. And since the vendor didn't leave us enough documentation I cant check those. The slapd and slurpd don't offer a --version or similar option. The only thing I can say (and already did in that last mail) is that the man page states 2.1.4. If you know a more accurate way to find out, please tell me, I want to know.

1. I'd strongly recommend to enable schema checking! Running without
schema checking is asking for trouble! No joke! I guess you have invalid
entries in your database.

2. Judging from the words 'ldbm' and 'Berkeley DB 4.0.14' you're running
really ancient and buggy releases of OpenLDAP and Berkeley DB. Upgrade
both to current stable releases. Otherwise you can't expect any help I

We are working on a restructure and update of our whole OLDAP service, since the current problem gave me the needed backup to finally enforce it. But to make it clean (and coordinate six varsities), it'll take about a week, if not longer.

Is there a way to convert from ldbm to bdb?
Anything one has to look out while updating from old versions like our to the new ones?

Problem still is, that the affected location needs a fix to coninue working, so if anyone has an idea, please share :) .


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