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Translucent overlay odds?

I have an issue with the translucent overlay, which I'm not sure about.
My problem is: I have a remote server, which I should deal with in a
read-only manner.  And I need to add some essentially orthogonal data to
entries in this database, so the translucent overlay should perfectly
suit the needs.  However, I also need to add some entreis that are
entirely new.  As soon as they live in a separate branch, all I need to
do, I guess, is glue two databases together, where only one is under
slapo-translucent, but occasionally local entries might need to share
the same branch.

Say I need to have the entire tree under translucent


and, by now, a branch of it that is specifically local, sort of


on the remote server, and

	ou=Local People,dc=example,dc=com

on the local one, but occasionally I'll have to place some local users


If I add the local people branch entry to the local server via ldapadd,
I'm unable to read it; but if I comment out the slapo-translucent
configuration, it's in there, along with a glue "dc=example,dc=com".
The same will apply to adding a local entry to the remote people ou, I
guess, so the approach of splitting the database in local + remote
branches glued together I'm afraid is not really going to work.

Is local addition intended to be supported?  Yes, apparently, according
to the man page; but I note this case is not tested in test034.  So my
question is: does my approach make sense, should this be possible and
it's not happening because of a bug, or is my design flawed?


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