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Re: problem with sets in 2.2.5 (not in 2.1.25)

Hi Kurt, 

I've experienced the same trouble with SETS switching from 2.1.25 to 2.2.23.

I use SETS to decide which entry a user can see an which he can modify. This is decided by matching attribute values of user and entry for which the user wants read/write privileges
Here is an example of my ACLS that use SETS clause on openldap 2.1.25:

access to attr=canExecute
 by self read
 by users set=(this/executeAccessLevel&user/groupAffiliation) read
 by users set=(this/executeAccessLevel&user/userPermission) read
 by users set=(this/executeAccessLevel&[Everyone]) read

I've found very userful your article in Faq-O-Matic.
I can't find other information about the SETS clause not working in newer versions of openldap.

So what I'd like to ask is if you or someone else has found a solution to use SETS in the newer versions of openldap.

Software Developer
Giuseppe Milano
Reitek S.p.A.


I experieced trouble switching (also called 'upgrading') from 2.1.25 (stable) 
to 2.2.5 (release).

In 2.1.25 the use of 'set' in ACL seems well supported, please note my article 
in the Faq-O-Matig about that.

When I switched to 2.2.5, this feature didn't seem to work anymore.

So, I switched back, and it worked again. And back to 2.2.5, and they didn't 
work anymore.

Has something changed in 2.2.5 regarding sets in ACL's ?


Some other experiences I had:

a. 2.2.5 uses new schema's that are incompatible with 2.1.25 and vice versa. I 
am only using core.schema, cosine.schema and nis.schema. Of course the new 
schema's are in the distribution.

b. (OT) qmail.schema needs to be patched to work with 2.2.5. However, that new 
schema is compatible with 2.1.25. You can find the patch in the archives of 
the qmail-ldap list at www.qmail-ldap.org

c. I am now using BDB 4.2.52 with the two patches applied. I use the 
non-strong-crypto version. When I switch to 2.2.5, I can't use my existing 
database anymore. db_recover doesn't help. I deleted the database and build 
it from scratch, through the interface I am now building (qwido, as you all 
know by now). That worked fine up to a certain level where I use ACL 'set' to 
achieve something.
When I switched back to 2.1.25, apart from restoring the 2.1.25 schema's, also 
the database didn't work anymore. I repeated the procedure, which is, I 
chucked the database, started building it from scracth throug the interface, 
and of course now 'untill the end' since sets where working again.
When I switched back to 2.2.5, again the same database problem.

Of course I can reproduce this and send logfiles, if that is needed.