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Third-party plugin and logging facility problem

Hi all,

I installed OL 2.3.7 on a Debian Sarge server. I use facility local4 for
slapd logging. Everything works as expected.

Now I am testing a third-party plugin. So I added the following lines at
the end of the slapd.conf file:

plugin preoperation
"/usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86" prepasswd_init
"-cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf" "-debuglevel debug"
"-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log"

plugin postoperation
"/usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86" postpasswd_init
"-cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf" "-debuglevel debug"
"-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log"

When I restart slapd, local4 is used until it reads the plugin
peroperation line. Then for some unknown reason logging facility user is
used instead.

Below are the last lines produced by facility local4:
Sep 27 15:12:29 localhost slapd[27807]: line 281 (sasl-regexp
uid=(.*),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth uid=$1,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com) 
Sep 27 15:12:29 localhost slapd[27807]: line 284 (plugin preoperation
"/usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86" pre passwd_init
"-cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf" "-debuglevel debug"
"-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log") 

Then here are the lines produced by facility user:
Sep 27 15:12:29 localhost slapd[27807]: line 285 (plugin postoperation
"/usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86" po
stpasswd_init "-cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf" "-debuglevel debug"
"-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log")

Anyone has ever experienced this problem?

Any input would be much appreciated.