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LDAP Statistics version 3.0


I added several new reports (operations by hour of day, operations by day of month, operations by month) to ldap-stats.pl, and thought this might be useful for the LDAP administrators on the list. You can download ldap-stats.pl from the following location:


If you are curious what the reports look like, you can view a sample report by surfing to the following location:


If you run into any issues or problem, please e-mail me off list. I will post updates and fixes to my BLOG.

Hope folks find this useful,
- Ryan

BTW: Is there anyway to get a four digit year added to the date string that is applied to each logfile entry? I would like to add a report to print operations by day of week (e.g., # operations on Tuesdays), but I can't reliably do this w/o a year. :(

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