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Re: OpenLDAP Server configuration for controls and extends HOWTO

"Naresh Verma" <ixnaresh@gmail.com> writes:

>> How did you build OpenLDAP?
>> See ./configure --help for options.
> I built with the default options with command ./configure. I tried
> looking the options, but there is no specific options in the list to
> compile with the controls and extended features.
>>> I am trying to test
>>> the controls functionality of my LDAP client for the controls and am not
>>> able to get those on my server.
>> Which controls is implemented in your client?
> I have not added any controls in my client (yet!!! I am not aware if
> the LDAP client too needs to implement the controls) I am tring with
> Softerra LDAP browser to see which controls are available on the
> server. SOfterra shows all the supported on the openLDAP and does not
> show any on my installation.


Why don't you do a simple
ldapsearch -x -H ldap://localhost -b "" -s base +


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