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Re: OpenLDAP Server configuration for controls and extends HOWTO

How did you build OpenLDAP?
See ./configure --help for options.

I built with the default options with command ./configure. I tried looking the options, but there is no specific options in the list to compile with the controls and extended features.

I am trying to test
the controls functionality of my LDAP client for the controls and am not
able to get those on my server.

Which controls is implemented in your client?

I have not added any controls in my client (yet!!! I am not aware if the LDAP client too needs to implement the controls) I am tring with Softerra LDAP browser to see which controls are available on the server. SOfterra shows all the supported on the openLDAP and does not show any on my installation.

Please hint me as for a newbie as to how can I get these available on my
openLDAP server.

Be more precise in you what you're asking and surely someone will help you.

I am trying to write my own LDAP client for simulating multi queries and users for performance test on the LDAP server. I have written the basic LDAP command functionality part and controls for all the commands with basic syntax as mentioned in the RFC -

       Controls ::= SEQUENCE OF Control

       Control ::= SEQUENCE {
               controlType             LDAPOID,
               criticality             BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
               controlValue            OCTET STRING OPTIONAL }

To check if these are working on my scripts I need to configure these on my openLDAP server. Possibly all the available controls. I am facing problem in getting this control and extended functionality available on my server.There are not many books or online resources (that I could find) with reference to these features :(