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Re: OpenLDAP Server configuration for controls and extends HOWTO

Naresh Verma wrote:
>> How did you build OpenLDAP?
>> See ./configure --help for options.
> I built with the default options with command ./configure. I tried
> looking the options, but there is no specific options in the list to
> compile with the controls and extended features.

Some controls should appear.

> I am tring with
> Softerra LDAP browser to see which controls are available on the server.
> SOfterra shows all the supported on the openLDAP and does not show any
> on my installation.

Are access controls in effect for the rootDSE in your installation?

I don't know what Softerra's client is doing exactly. Try to query your
server with command-line tool ldapsearch explicitly requesting the
relevant attributes?

Example (line wrapped):

$ ldapsearch -x -h localhost:1390 -b "" -s base "(objectClass=*)"
supportedControl supportedExtension supportedFeatures

> I am trying to write my own LDAP client for simulating multi queries and
> users for performance test on the LDAP server.

IMHO you don't need controls for performance testing at all.

> users for performance test on the LDAP server. I have written the 
> basic LDAP command functionality part and controls for all the
> commands with basic syntax as mentioned in the RFC -
> Controls ::= SEQUENCE OF Control
> Control ::= SEQUENCE { controlType LDAPOID, criticality BOOLEAN

Specific controls are specified in various RFCs and Internet Drafts. See
directory doc/ in OpenLDAP source distribution.

Ciao, Michael.

Michael Ströder
E-Mail: michael@stroeder.com