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Re: OpenLDAP + RHEL4 - time to time database crash (BDB backend)

Will it help to download the .src.rpm of openldap and build it
againt DBD 4.2.52 (which is the version shipped with RHEL)?


Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Wednesday, September 21, 2005 10:24 PM +0200 Michal Dobroczynski <michal.dobroczynski@gmail.com> wrote:

I did not run it.

That's the point I don't understand. slapd works w/o any problems for
two or three weeks and then 'boing', suddenly cannot 'communicate'
with the underlying bdb.

IIRC, RedHat also links 2.2.13 against BDB 4.3.21, which was a horribly broken BDB release, but I may be incorrect in that. I personally recommend against using the OpenLDAP provided by RedHat for running directory server, instead either building your own setup (including BDB 4.2.52 + patches) or downloading free, RPM based precompiled versions like CDS from http://www.symas.com/


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