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Re: Syncrepl does not copy operational attributes?

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Howard Chu wrote:

Depends on your syncrepl consumer configuration, since you explicitly specify
which attributes to replicate there.

So "attrs=*" replicates the operational attributes structuralObjectClass, entryCSN and entryUUID, but not the above? That would be...odd...

That being the case, would I need something like;

attrs="*,createTimestamp,creatorsName,modifiersName,modifyTimestamp" ?

Syncrepl uses a regular ldapsearch operation to do its work. The attrs specifier is identical to what you use for ldapsearch. If you want all the operational attributes, use "+". Note that syncrepl uses attrs="*,+" by default so if you just want all attributes, you should just use the default and not bother configuring attrs= at all.

syncrepl also automatically adds entryUUID and entryCSN to the request if your explicit list doesn't include them, since it won't work without them. That's why they always propagate automatically.

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