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Re: using "ldapsearch" client utility

Venkata Rao Muvva wrote:

My plan is to connect to a public LDAP server by using
openLDAP client utilites.

I am planning to connect to the public LDAP server for

which URL is

I tried to execute the ldapsearch command and I am not

From that web-site I choose the first hyperlink (Auburn University), which shows me:
LDAP-server: donald.duc.auburn.edu
LDAP-port: 389
LDAP-base: o=Auburn University,c=US

I try to get all e-mail addresses (the ldap "mail" attribute) of persons who's name start with the letters 'z0':

ldapsearch -x -H "ldap://donald.duc.auburn.edu:389"; \
-b "o=Auburn University,c=US" '(cn=zo*)'

This outputs the following error:
ldap_bind: Protocol error (2)
        additional info: version not supported

So, this server only support the LDAP-protocol Version-2. So I add the "-P 2" option to the commandline:

shell$ ldapsearch -x -H "ldap://donald.duc.auburn.edu:389"; \
-b "o=Auburn University,c=US" -P 2 '(cn=zo*)' mail

Then it works.