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Re: using "ldapsearch" client utility

Venkata Rao Muvva writes:
> I am planning to connect to the public LDAP server for which URL is
> "http://www.emailman.com/ldap/public.html";.

That's not the URL of an LDAP server.  That's a web page which lists
LDAP servers.  Some of them quite old, apparently.

If you look at e.g. University of Virginia, you find
  ldap.virginia.edu, port 389, base "o=University of Virginia,c=US".
That means the LDAP server has URL
(ldap.virginia.edu:389 is not necessary since 389 is the default port
for ldap anyway)

> I tried to execute the ldapsearch command and I am not
> successful.

ldapsearch -x -h ldap.virginia.edu -b "o=University of Virginia,c=US" -s base

However, this only lets you look up people at that university.  I don't
know what good that does you.  If you are looking for a public server
where everyone can register themselves if they want, you can ask for one
at ldap@umich.edu or the IRC channel #ldap at irc.freenode.net instead.
Exactly which command is needed depends on the server.  Probably replace
-s base with something like "(sn=some surname)" or "(cn=*some name*)".