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Re: back-meta (Was: (ITS#3971) slapo-glue dissolving after one query)

Perry Nguyen wrote:

Being able to customize the timeout is handy and all, but my main interest is in why JNDI behaves strangely with back-meta and back-ldap, slapd keeps returning no results whenever the query comes from a Java JNDI client. My primary interest with this (problem) is to be able to use a back-meta or back-ldap proxied directory with a java JNDI client. Have you had a chance to look into why the behavior is different with JNDI and the back-meta/ldap setups?.

You'll get better answers sooner by investigating this yourself. Turn up debugging on slapd, perform a query using the ldapsearch command line tool, and then perform the same query using your JNDI client. Then it should be pretty easy to spot any differences in behavior. You can point us at the debug logs resulting from this test, but don't expect the project developers to attempt to recreate your test environment (including writing a test client in Java with JNDI) just to see what you're talking about.

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