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Re: Fault-tolerance for master OpenLDAP server

> >  I'm facing the same problem in these days. I'm using Heartbeat and
> > the problem is that when the failed node comes back Heartbeat doesn't
> > start it automatically as slave. I'll try to put a script that starts
> > OpenLDAP automatically as slave at boot time and see what happens.
> > Then the master will update automatically (thanks to slurpd) this new
> > slave... at last I hope so :-)
> What you could is to add a check in your slapd init script:
> if the server holds the heartbeat service address starts slapd as
> master, otherwise starts slapd as slave.

 I proceed in this manner, but consider when the node1 falls, node2
became master. When node1 "returns" Heartbeat will not execute the
slapd script on node1, so I cannot start it as slave, neither node2
can do this (at least as I know). So I must start slapd as slave on

Diego de Felice