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Re: back-meta (Was: (ITS#3971) slapo-glue dissolving after one query)

--On Thursday, September 01, 2005 5:10 PM -0700 Perry Nguyen <pfnguyen@best.com> wrote:

Being able to customize the timeout is handy and all, but my main
interest is in why JNDI behaves strangely with back-meta and back-ldap,
slapd keeps returning no results whenever the query comes from a Java
JNDI client.  My primary interest with this (problem) is to be able to
use a back-meta or back-ldap proxied directory with a java JNDI client.
Have you had a chance to look into why the behavior is different with
JNDI and the back-meta/ldap setups?.

Have you asked Sun?

And I'll note that JNDI is generally considered the worst ever written set of software for talking to an LDAP server by people at Sun.


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