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Re: attribute types in openldap

Moe writes:
> How can i define an attribute with multiple values?
> I defined this  attribute as
> attributetype (
> NAME 'vipFuncarea' 
> SYNTAX{1024} )
> (...)
> [LDAP: error code 18 - modify/add: vipFuncarea: no equality matching rule]

When this attribute exists and you use the Modify operation to add
another value, slapd first uses its EQUALITY mathcing rule to check if
that value already exists.  Since it has no EQUALITY mathcing rule, it
cannot determine if the operation is legal, so the operation fails.

You can use the Modify operation with the Replace option to delete the
current value(s) and add all the values it should have.

However, a better way is usually to add an EQUALITY matching rule, in
this case caseIgnoreMatch or caseExactMatch.  Otherwise you can't search
for values of that attribute either.

You might want SUBSTR case<Ignore/Exact>SubstringsMatch too, so you can
use wildcards in such searches.