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Re: attribute types in openldap

> How can i define an attribute with multiple values?
> I defined this  attribute as
> attributetype (
> NAME 'vipFuncarea'
> SYNTAX{1024} )
> But when i try to add more than one value to it i get an error :
> 0802: Could not assign 'FILTER_STANDARD' to 'cn=vipadmin,dc=local,dc=gov'
> because of 'javax.naming.directory.InvalidSearchFilterException: [LDAP:
> error code 18 - modify/add: vipFuncarea: no equality matching rule];

read the error message: to perform a modify/add, your attribute needs an
equality matching rule, and your attribute doesn't provide any.  The only
other possibility you have is, instead of doing a modify/add, to do a
modify/replace with the old value(s) plus the new one(s) all at once.


Pierangelo Masarati

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