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attribute types in openldap

I have an attribute define as:
attributetype ( 
NAME 'trustedLogin' 
How can i define an attribute with multiple values?
I defined this  attribute as
attributetype (
NAME 'vipFuncarea' 
SYNTAX{1024} )  
But when i try to add more than one value to it i get an error :
0802: Could not assign 'FILTER_STANDARD' to 'cn=vipadmin,dc=local,dc=gov' because of 'javax.naming.directory.InvalidSearchFilterException: [LDAP: error code 18 - modify/add: vipFuncarea: no equality matching rule]; remaining name 'cn=vipadmin''.
0341: Could not assign FILTER_STANDARD to vipadmin. Possibly, this assignment already exists, or there is a problem in the database/LDAP server.


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