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Re: OL 2.3.x, uid attribute commented out in core.schema

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Come to think of it, maybe slapd should accept schema redefinitions that
are identical to an existing definition? Then hard-coded definitions
could be left in in place in the schema files, and new slapds would not
conflict with old schemas. Except, I'm not quite sure if it's a feature
or a misfeature that one must update core.schema when slapd is

This is what back-config does: it (silently?) discards schema redefinitions that are identical to existing ones. I think this only occurs for internal schema (i.e. those that define the configuration stuff). Maybe the same could occur for schema items that are read and match builtin ones, so that (for completeness) core.schema and similar can be complete and consistent with the related specs...

I bet Howard will reply that core.schema is now replaced by core.ldif... ;)
Not yet, but probably soon.... ;)

back-config collects all hard-coded schema definitions into the cn=schema object. It saves this object only for completeness' sake, and completely ignores updates to this object. There is no special treatment for definitions loaded from core.schema or cn=core,cn=schema - if an element added here has already been defined in cn=schema, it will fail.

I guess we could make an exception such that if a user-loaded definition is identical to a hard-coded definition, it is silently ignored. If that's really the desired behavior, someone should file an enhancement request.

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