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Re: back-meta (Was: (ITS#3971) slapo-glue dissolving after one query)

Perry Nguyen wrote:


Sorry, the log file isn't clear, but both databases are included:

# Further down in the same log file you are currently looking at
line 101 (database meta)
line 102 (suffix "ou=tsso,ou=ecmbi,o=ibm")

dnPrettyNormal: <ou=tsso,ou=ecmbi,o=ibm>

=> ldap_bv2dn(ou=tsso,ou=ecmbi,o=ibm,0)

I am currently using this slapd to serve nss_ldap and user logins on my
local machine, so I'm trying to avoid having it down as much as possible.
In this case, I have 2 back-meta instances, one that "works" and the one
with ou=tsso which is not working for me. The "relevant" portion we are
testing with the commands I show is the ou=tsso namingContext, I left out
the other definitions as irrelevant.

I see. In any case, it appear to time out while waiting for the (anonymous) bind to succeed. Try setting "nretries forever" in the "database meta" block (a high number might suffice; the default 3 times + 1 rebind seem to not suffice). If this works, I'm considering the opportunity to allow configurable internal operation timeout, which is now fixed to 0.1 s.


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