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Re: how to keep master and slave in sync always

--On Monday, August 29, 2005 6:16 PM -0700 Raj Kumar <chicagoboy12001@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thanks again for your help, Quanah!

So how does slurpd work. Does it try to contact the
slave for every x minutes when a change was made on
the master and send it when the connection is made.
Actually I didn't even see messages in the reject file
that slurpd failed to send the changes. Have you ever
had this setup working? If yes, can you please tell
what version of LDAP that was? Thanks for the info, I
shall try to upgrade to 2.3.6.

Yes, I've had slurpd working for several years.

If a slave is down, it doesn't create a reject file. The log of changes it keeps simply keeps growing. A reject file is only created if the slave actually denies a change.

I've had slurpd running on everything from 2.1.4 through 2.3.6.

And again, the behavior you reported under syncrepl doesn't sound correct, and certainly isn't something I can duplicate so far under 2.3.6.


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