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Re: Problem finding telephonenumber in a plain numeric search when number is stored with special characters

Peter Marschall wrote:
On Monday, 29. August 2005 17:00, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati writes:
You may have noted on your dialer those letters written in tiny
fonts on the digit keys... ;)

The translation table is (at least on the phones that I have seen so far ;-): abc -> 2 def -> 3 ghi -> 4 jkl -> 5 mno -> 6 pqrs -> 7 tuv -> 8 wxyz -> 9

The translation is done automagically by pressing the button with the letter engraved.
It is mostly used for vanity numbers.
The North American standard actually omits 'q' and 'z'; 7 is just "prs" and 9 is just "wxy". I've seen some phones put "qz" on the 0 key, but that was never part of the standard. There's a good overview of keypad layouts here:


Look for the entry from * Mark J Cuccia, Sat, 2 Nov 1996*

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