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Re: substring index oddity

John Madden wrote:
Good.  More testing shows much better results in light of that info and I can
probably live with that design.  However, I'm still seeing a bad case:

uid=test2222* : 28 seconds
# numEntries: 111
uid=test22222* : 28 seconds
# numEntries: 11

This is ITS#2588, fixed in OpenLDAP 2.3. The fix is also in the version of OpenLDAP 2.2 packaged by Symas in our CDS products. Using vendor-supplied software instead of compiling your own is OK, as long as you choose the right vendor to supply the packages. ;)
Bad, even though there are more than 4 chars in the string.  Yet:

uid=test*2222 : 0.007 seconds
# numEntries: 100
uid=*est222* : 0.048s
# numEntries: 1111

Quite good.
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