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Re: substring index oddity

> "uid=*0371*" dn
> # numResponses: 125
> # numEntries: 124
> real    0m0.052s

Further research on the "allidsthreshold" concept mentioned in the old list thread
lead me to SLAPD_LDBM_MIN_MAXIDS, which, at 8192-4, is likely too low for a
million objects that were created sequentially.  Unfortunately, I'm running Debian
for a reason -- going back to compiling from source (as I do now) is a last

(Since I'm using bdb, is the #define even relevant?)

The, uh, "good news" is that the numEntries I'm seeing for the "bad" query is far
below 8188, just 1111.  So perhaps this isn't an allids problem?  For reference,
the searches with numEntries:

uid=*222* : 29 seconds
# numEntries: 3700
uid=*222 : 0.063 seconds
# numEntries: 1000
uid=*2*22 : 0.14 seconds
# numEntries: 3439

And then, just for fun I did:

uid=*2 : 29 seconds
# numEntries: 100000
uid=*22 : 0.41 seconds
# numEntries: 10000

...So 10,000 entries can be returned off an index search, well over the 8188.  Is
there another allids-like limit someplace?


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana