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Re: openldap 2.2.17 and following references

--On Thursday, August 11, 2005 11:36 AM -0400 Jeremiah Martell <inlovewithgod@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm using openldap 2.2.17. I can do a simple search that usually
returns only 4 results in a matter of seconds. However, sometimes it
takes a couple minutes.

An ethereal trace shows the first initial DNS lookup, then bind, then
search, and 4 search results are returned immediately. After a minute
or two of no network traffic, openldap does some DNS lookups, and then
connects to the same server 3-4 times, and attempts to search using
the same filter again. I'm assuming it's attempting to follow
references (based upon what I know of the server and the DNS lookups).
But why the 1-2 minute lag?

Is this a known issue that has been fixed in an updated version?

I have no idea, but if I were you, I would read the changelog in OpenLDAP 2.2.27 to see the tons of bugs fixed since 2.2.17, including one that could allow people to remotely kill your server if you made "" readable to them. There are certainly many many valid reasons to use a newer version of OpenLDAP.


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