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Re: slapd stability problems with add/change operations

--On Thursday, August 11, 2005 3:23 PM +0200 vadim <vadim.tarassov@swissonline.ch> wrote:

Hallo Adrian,

There were a number of patches published for BDB 4.2.52. Without these
patches berkeley env starts to hang if cachesize (that's what you set in
DB_CONFIG) is too small.

Although people here do not suggest to use BDB 4.3.X, I do use it and
don't have any headaches.

Try to do following: increase value of set_cachesize in DB_CONFIG to
about half of all your *.bdb files or otherwise what your system allows,
but don't leave it default.

Best regards, vadim tarassov.

Given the traffic about BDB 4.3 on the Sleepycat newsgroup, you are very brave. ;)

The issues I hit in 4.3.21 and 4.3.27 didn't generally manifest until you used a fairly large database, however. Still, the problems other people continue to report using various applications other than OpenLDAP leave me leery of 4.3.


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