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Re: Syncrepl not replicating entire tree


Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

I think replication is working now.

On what basis do you state this?

I did a slapcat on the provider and the consumer . Counted the number of dns. They match.

But some ou(s) are still shown missing by GQ, JXplorer and LDAP Browser.

On the other hand, when I do a ldapsearch for the entries under those
ou(s) , they are present! :)

If the entries __under__ those OUs are present, then the OUs must be
present as well (unless for some reason they're "glue" entries).

Yes, true. This behaviour was quite strange to me as well.

suspect ACL issues: are you sure those OU entries on the consumer are
readable by your clients, and on the producer by the replication identity?

I have the graphical browsers and ldapsearch (CLI) installed on the same client.
ldapsearch works but the browsers are unable to show all the OUs.
I shall recheck the ACLs and get back.