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Re: Dynamic group based on arbitrary value

--On Monday, August 01, 2005 9:15 AM -0500 Digant C Kasundra <digant@uta.edu> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I've been asked to make groups available based on attributes, but there
are 6 or 7 different attributes that these particular programmers are
interested in.  Rather than add a new attributetype for URLs of each of
those attributes in order to do dyngroup expansion, I was wondering if
there is a way to say "form groups based on values of attribute X."

The Red Hat Directory Server claims to have this functionality and I
thought it might be nice to have an overlay that could do something
similar.  ((Although in the issue at hand that I'm dealing with, I think
what the programmers are doing is a complete misuse of LDAP)).


Dynamic groups are simply formed based on filters. I don't understand what stops you from doing this now by simply using an OR'd filter to create a group? Or maybe I'm not entirely understanding the question.


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