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Re: Diagnosing a bad slapd.conf

> > Same as before:
> >  slapcat: bad configuration file!
> > nothing more.
> Interesting.

I see what you mean, I tried slapcat on my (Gentoo) linux box, and can
see the extra output with -d that you expect.

So I transfered the slapd.conf to my linux box, created a dummy LDAP
database, and tried slapcat and it worked. *sigh*

> What version of OpenLDAP?
I don't know, like I said it was bundled with Imail. I can't find
anything that gives me a version.

Looks like they've "personalised" it more than I thought, I guess I'm
stuck waiting for a response from their tech support. Sorry for
wasting your time.

> And please keep responses to the list.
Yes, sorry, keep forgetting that Gmail isn't list friendly yet.