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Diagnosing a bad slapd.conf

I'm wanting to use slapcat to get an ldif backup of an OpenLDAP
server, however, running slapcat only reports
slapcat: bad configuration file!
Using the debug options give no additional information.

The OpenLDAP server is otherwise functioning fine (I can connect and
pull info out of it), and I haven't touched the slapd.conf file since

OpenLDAP came bundled with Ipswitch's Imail server and I've contacted
their support, but from previous experience they are painfully slow to
get an appropriate response from.
While I'm waiting, is there a tool availalbe that can give me more
information as to what specifically is bad about slapd.conf so I can
try and diagnose it myself?
I'm fairly new to OpenLDAP, but I've googled and checked out the man
pages and can't find any info.

Alternatively is there another way I should go about backing up the database?

Thanks for any help