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Re: Problem with Fax No.

> Hi Pierangelo,
> Since I'm new in using this software, can you tell me how to fix this ?
> What I done was changing the name of the db type "LDAP" from "fax" to
> "facsimileTelephoneNumber", is there any other file I should changed as
> well


according to the list charters <http://www.openldap.org/lists/>, you're
supposed to post these types of messags to openldap-software, not to
openldap-bugs or personally to any of the list subscribers if you want
your messags to be considered.

To come to your question, I've no idea of what you intend with db type
"LDAP", this is not the jargon I'm used to.  In any case, in LDAP standard
schema, "fax" and "facsimileTelephoneNumber" are synonyms so (and OpenLDAP
software recognizes them as synonyms and treats them as such, so you don't
need to change anything.  Only, that attributetype does not have any
equality matchingRule, so you cannot do operations that require an
equality matchingRule (e.g. using it in an EQUALITY filter or delete a
specific value)they're not allowed.  It might be the intended result of
the design of that attribute, or simply the outcome of a poor design.  If
you need a fax number that is searchable and deletable, you should design
your own.


> ?
> Thanks, Kathy.
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> To: "Kathy" <kathy@rcp.com.hk>
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> Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2005 9:09 PM
> Subject: Re: Problem with Fax No.
>> Kathy wrote:
>> > I found that the fax no. input and saved, but didn't shown when I
>> > recalled the record for modification, so I changed the name of the db
>> > type "LDAP" in AddressBook.conf for that field, and the fax no. shown
>> > now. But after I modifying the value for that field or any other
>> > fields, and tried to save the record, I got "Update Error : filter did
>> > not match any entries".
>> This is because the "faximileTelephoneNumber" attributeType ("fax") does
>> not have any matchingRule as per spec.  This is not indicative of any
>> bug in OpenLDAP software, so this ITS will be closed.
>> p.
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