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Re: installing openldap

v.sudha rani wrote:

  I have installed openldap-2.2.26 in fedora core 1 as specified in
www.openldap.org. But when i give rpm -q openldap it is still showing
openldap-2.1.22-8.. Does it mean that openldap is not properly
installed.can the problem be solved if i install it using .rpm

Though this does not mean your OpenLDAP installation is not properly installed, if your problem is not getting proper version on querying rpm, yes! It will be fixed if you install it using rpm.

If your installation from source is good, you should not care. Just remove the older version using rpm command

# rpm -qa | grep -i openldap

You should have removed old version before source installation. Now it will probably give you lib mismatch error. But that is ok, you can easily deal with it.


Sameer N. Ingole