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Re: installing openldap

v.sudha rani wrote:
   I have installed openldap-2.2.26 in fedora core 1 as specified in
www.openldap.org. But when i give rpm -q openldap it is still showing
openldap-2.1.22-8.. Does it mean that openldap is not properly
installed.can the problem be solved if i install it using .rpm

RPM keeps track of rpm packages, not code you've built from source manually. If you installed 2.2.26 from source, then RPM will have no reason to know of it. Apparently, your Fedora install included some older packaged OpenLDAP code; it's likely just the libraries but you may not have been entirely specific about the package(s) returned by rpm -q.

While it is possible to have multiple versions of the software installed on your system, it's not such a great idea. Consider employing rpm -e on the 2.1 stuff. Otherwise, there is no "problem" if you accept that not everything you install needs to come as a Red Hat package.

Jon Roberts