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Re: Index problems: search results returning no responses

> For what reason would an end user consider consulting the slapd-bdb
> manpage

It is the authoritative documentation for slapd.conf directives specific
to back-bdb.

> before adding an additional directive to slapd.conf? What a
> completely non obvious and counter-intuitive course of action to take.
> Documenting something "somewhere" is no substitute for documenting
> something in a meaningful and relevant location. If you store your
> coffee and sugar in the bathroom medicine cabinet it is no surprise that
> your guest cannot make themselves a cup of coffee.

Unfortunately everyone has its personal idea of the most intuitive place
where to put things, including documentation.

man pages have been for decades the most intuitive place for unix
end-users, and some believe they still are.  If you can point to more
intuitive locations (based on some objective and non subjective
measurement of intuitiveness) your contribution would be greatly


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