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Index problems: search results returning no responses

Hi all,

I am running openldap v2.2.13 (as packaged with RHEL4), and have run into a problem with indexes.

I added the following line to the slap.conf to enable indexing on the mailAlternateAddress attribute as provided by qmail.schema:

index mailAlternateAddress             eq,pres,sub

Openldap on startup made no complaints about the above line or logged any error messages at all - however all search queries that involved the mailAlternateAddress attribute started quietly returning zero results.

As no obvious error message was logged, and as the LDAP server worked fine apart from queries for mailAlternateAddress, this problem was only picked up after a day of bounced email on people' alias email addresses.

Is this a known problem, and is there a solution or patch of some kind to fix it?